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Make Up To 6 Evenly Shaped And Well-Pressed Quality Burger Patties Of ¼ Pound At A Time.

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Silicone Burger Press

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You love having burgers, but hate the time it takes to make one? Here is a great way to reduce a lot of headaches to make the burger patties. Pour the burger patty mixture into the tray and seal it off. That's it! You can store these in the freezer or take them out and grill them. No more spending time to shape the patties with your hands. Each patty comes out perfectly shaped and almost exactly equal servings. All the taste and health with minimal stress and maximum fun, every day.

Silicone Burger Press Hamburger Patty Maker and Freezer Container:

  • PERFECT SHAPES: Make Up To 6 Evenly Shaped And Well-Pressed Quality Burger Patties Of ¼ Pound At A Time
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: You Can Even Make Your Patties Beforehand And Pop The Burger Press Inside The Fridge
  • NO BURNS: Prepared Burger Patties Can Be Individually Sealed To Prevent Freezer Burns Or Sticking To One Another
  • VERSATILE: Our Patty Maker Can Be Used To Freeze Spaghetti, Soups, Sauces, And Even For Portion Control
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply Toss Your Burger Press Into The Dishwasher And You're Ready For Your Next Patties

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