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Cuddly bear goes hi-tech! Snow is always ready to play and read.

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Interactive Snow Plush Bear

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Cuddly bear goes hi-tech! Snow is always ready to play and read. The plush toy interacts with your child, smart devices, Snow & Stella books and many other products to come. Interactive Snow can sing, tell jokes and also plays with your child and the App. Snow loves to make friends, so social skills are surely reassured! The story of Snow & Stella is about a friendship between a bear that got lost in the forest and a star that fell from sky. Both characters try to look for a way to go back home and live lots of adventures.

Talk to Snow
Press his paw once to start the talking mode. By using voice recognition technology, Snow understands 8 different questions and replies them in many different ways. Talk to him, listen to his jokes and songs! Snow loves to make friends, so social skills are surely reassured!

Read and play with Stella
Press his paw twice to activate the interactive mode. Read stories on the Snow & Stella App or Book, play virtual games, while interacting with the bear in real time. Designed to contribute to childrens development, parents can trust the Snow & Stella experience.

Snow&Stella Interactive Snow Plush Toy:

  • Story time has gained a new dimension Snow tells incredible stories with his best friend Stella () Stella is a character on the App
  • Interactive Snow is designed to encourage your child's curiosity, reading skills , language learning, motor skills and more
  • Parents can trust the Snow & Stella experience for it promotes positive values and is designed to contribute to your child's development
  • Snow has many play modes since he can interact in a many ways Snow & Stella is continuously developing new games and accessories Fun never ends!
  • Snow interacts in real time with the digital stories and interactive books Compatible with IOS and Android () Interactive book sold separately

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