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Contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 pure copper. PLUS, 30 Bids! Load up on bids and get in the game.

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1 oz US Quarter Copper Round

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Although modeled after the U.S. quarter, the coin is not legal tender. The metal and artistic value is definitely far beyond what a traditional 25 cent piece could ever present. The coins are made with  1 Avoirdupois Ounce of .999 (99.9% pure) copper meaning the coins deliver enhanced worth on the metals market. The coins do not contain high levels of impurities so  net value will always be intrinsically linked to the price of copper. The constant need for copper throughout the world can certainly aid in more uses and demand for copper over time.

This coin truly is a vaunted arrival in collector’s circles and remains completely brand new offering in the JM Bullion collection. These rounds have never been circulated, which further contributes to their exquisite nature. The net value of the one ounce of nearly pure copper is not the only component contributing to this coin’s equity. The collectible nature and brilliant design of the coin can make it a very cherished item. Classic images such as the Bald Eagle and the American flag may greatly contribute to capturing the eye of savvy coin collectors.

1 oz US Quarter Copper Round:

  • Contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 pure copper.
  • Design features the United States Quarter image.
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