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Keep produce fresh up to 80% longer with the Rubbermaid FreshWorks 17.3 Cup Produce Saver.

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Rubbermaid 2Pc FreshWorks Set

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Keep produce fresh up to 80% longer with the Rubbermaid FreshWorks 17.3 Cup Produce Saver. Revolutionary FreshVent technology creates an optimal environment for fruits and vegetables by regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the produce container. The Crisp Tray at the bottom of the food container elevates produce away from moisture and promotes airflow to help prevent spoilage. The built-in lid filter never needs to be replaced and will last a lifetime. Longer lasting produce means fewer trips to the grocery store. Based on strawberries in FreshWorks containers vs. store packaging.

Rubbermaid 2Pc FreshWorks Produce Saver Set, Small/Large, Green:

  • 2-piece set includes 1 small FreshWorks Produce Saver container (2.5 cup), 1 large FreshWorks Produce Saver container (17.3 cup)
  • Keeps produce fresh up to 80% longer versus store packaging
  • FreshVent technology regulates flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the ideal produce environment
  • Crisp Tray helps keep moisture away from produce to reduce spoilage
  • Lid filter lasts a lifetime. Large (17.3 cup) FreshWorks container fits one head of lettuce.

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