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Hand-held but very powerful, this Eureka model eliminates the hassle of lugging around a full-size vacuum for cleaning car upholstery, sofas, and carpeted stairs.

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Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

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A 20-foot long cord which can also be wrapped around for storage purposes, provides good reach, as does the deluxe hose that stretches to three times its length. With the crevice tool on the end of the hose, this vacuum reaches into all kinds of tight places. Its high power suction is driven by two motors. One motor provides power to the revolving brush and the other for suction. The 5.5 amp power allows this vacuum to clean deeply. 
The Riser Visor nozzle features a rotating cover over the brush roll. When the cover is in the normal position, the brush roll action is toward the bottom side of the nozzle to clean flat areas such as stair steps or upholstery. Twist the cover downward to rotate the cover down exposing the front of the brush roll for cleaning vertical surfaces, e.g. stair risers, furniture backs. 
The Eureka Hand-held vacuum even removes the deeply embedded dirt from anywhere in your home or car. It is Ideal for cleaning stairs and auto upholstery. This hand vacuum cleans with the help of a revolving brush roll with Riser Visor, a stretch hose and attachments for getting into hard to reach spaces. The onboard crevice tool gets into those places that are too small for the brush roll to reach. 
Ideal for quick pick-ups or cleaning smaller spaces. 
Clean your cars, stairs as well as quick messes easily with this light weight hand vacuum by Eureka. The Riser Visor nozzle flips to easily clean upholstery and stairs vertically or horizontally. On or off, brush roll picks up dirt from bare floors and area rugs. With its ability to provide a quick yet comprehensive clean, it has formally been named ‘Quick-Up.’ 
• Strong 5.5 amp suction with stretch hose cleans cars, upholstery, stairs 
• 1 motor powers the revolving brush, second motor for suction 
• Onboard crevice tool; Riser Visor for carpeted stairs 
• Bagless filter and clear dust cup clean easily 
• Weighs 5 pounds; 20-foot cord wraps for storage 

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