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Tired of losing your car keys, wallet, car, or valuables?

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iTrack Easy Key Finder GPS

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Tired of losing your car keys, wallet, car, or valuables? Wanting to know where somone is or if they leave the premisis?

This small anti-lost device adopts the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low consumption technology by using a small green tracker to follow an App on a smartphone.

The iTrack Easy effectively protects your kids, pets, and valuables from being stolen or lost within an effective distance range. When out of this range, your phone & the device will sound an alarm by beeping & showing LED lights flashing.

iTrack Easy Key finder GPS Smartphone Bluetooth by iTrack Easy Anti-Lost Device to Track Items:

  • iTrack Easy is the GPS answer to not losing keys, cars, or valuables via a Bluetooth smartphone.
  • Connects with your mobile phone to locate item love ones easily using a small green tracker.
  • Alerts phone when object is out of range with flashing LED lights. Comes with low-energy battery.
  • App includes capability to use the tracker as a remote camera & can be searched if ever lost.

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