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The Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station features 6 surge protected power outlets and 2 surge protected USB charging ports.

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Accell Powramid Surge Protector

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The Powramid – The perfect power solution for your home or office.
The Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station features 6 surge protected power outlets and 2 surge protected USB charging ports. The power outlets are arranged around the body of the surge protector, giving you the freedom to accommodate bulky power bricks, tall power supplies, and large AC adapters without obstructing the neighboring outlets. The dual USB charging ports provide 2.1A charging for power hungry USB powered devices such as smartphones, tablets or portable music players.

Power Stop Protects Your Connected Equipment
Typical surge protectors continue to supply power even after they no longer are providing surge protection; exposing connected devices to potential damage from a power surge, The Powramid’s Power Stop technology stops conducting power once the absorption has reached capacity, protecting your connected equipment from damage.

X3 MOV Technology for Highest Safety and Fire Protection
The Powramid features advanced X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology that provides the safest surge protection by detecting surge conditions and reacts by directing excess energy away from equipment through the electrical grounding system. The MOV's are encased in a fireproof material, fully containing the heat created by the power surge and eliminating the threat of fire. This advanced X3 MOV technology fully protects connected equipment from re hazard during an abnormal or catastrophic surge event and provides longer protection lifespan than regular MOV.

Noise Reduction Filter
Minor fluctuations in power can influence the performance of your equipment. The built-in noise reduction filter reduces line static caused by 'dirty' power. Line noise and electrical static caused by Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can show up as snow in your picture or as crackling in your audio. The Powramid noise rejection technology isolates your equipment from power generated noise for a superior picture and sound when used with an audio or video device.

Accell D080B-015K Powramid 6-Outlet Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging Ports:

  • Six adapter friendly outlets, perfect power center for conference room tables
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Heavy duty 6 foot power cord
  • X3 MOV technology provides long life and enhanced fire safety
  • Power Stop Technology - automatically stops conducting power once the Powramid's absorption has reached capacity
  • 1080 Joules

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