Auction ID: 532512 4 in 1 Heat Resistant Utensils

4 in 1 Heat resistant Silicone multi purpose kitchen utensils, snap strainer, funnel, pour spout, and Cooking Pinch Mitts

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4 in 1 Heat Resistant Utensils

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  • Heat Resistant, Durable, Green and Styled Silicone Utilities for your kitchen tool set
  • Comes with Small, Compact Strainer That is Easy to Use and Store in a quarter the size of the traditional Strainer. Snaps onto Nearly All Size Pots, Pans and Bowls, Big and Small
  • Our Funnel is Practical for transferring liquids or dry ingredients, sits stably on bottles or jars.
  • The Magnificent Pour Spout helps you control the volume and pace of your pour and eliminates messes from spilled batter and dry mixes
  • Due to the food-grade silicone material, our mitts are non-toxic and antibacterial for you to use securely while holding your delicious cooking

This beautiful set of silicon utensils brings you 4 marvelous tools that will help you in your day to day kitchen tasks. 

1. Snap n Strain is one of the newest innovations in the world of cooking. Beautifully designed and highly compact, with just one of these clip-on strainers your conventional strainers and colanders will become exhausting to use. The universal fit allows for the strainer to fit onto nearly all sizes of pots. This Simple Strainer will be the only strainer you will need. The two sturdy clips will remain fastened throughout the entire straining process. Finally, all you need to do is tilt the pot over the sink and watch how easy it is to drain your food now that you have a Simple Strainer. 

2. Our funnel will help you fill every bottle without a single sip falling onto your counter. This collapsible funnel can be stored in the drawer without struggle. Just expand it to use and collapse to store. They also have holes for hanging. A good helper for your kitchen 

3. The pour spout is a must have kitchen gadget. Direct the pour of any wet or dry ingredients in a controlled manner. No more drips down the side of the pan and all over the counter top. Additionally it can be used as a spoon rest. 

4. Finally our Cooking pinch mitts provide perfect protection for your hands while cooking or serving. Non-slip, high heat protection, ideal for handling hot pans or plates.

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