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Animal lovers will love the Barbie Pet Care Center -- with four distinct play spaces, four pets and lots of accessories, imaginations can really let loose!

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Barbie Pet Care Center Playset

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Barbie Pet Care Center Is a Play Set Pet Lover's Dream!
Animal lovers will love the Barbie Pet Care Center -- with four distinct play spaces, four pets and lots of accessories, imaginations can really let loose! Designed in pink and purple with colorful accents, cute decals and a dog-shaped carrying handle, this animal center can make house calls. Open and unfold the portable play set to welcome patients -- there's a puppy, a kitten, a cat and a hamster included, and all are adorable.

?4 Play Spaces, 4 Pets and Exciting Features for Endless Play!
Once patients get checked in at the reception desk, they can start at any of the care stations. There's a nursery space, where the pets can rest, play or receive some TLC, like a feeding or brushing. A scale lets the doctor check their weight, a mobile adds fun and a clean grassy space is a perfect potty place. Patients who need further examination can be viewed in the exam room where an x-ray display has moving tabs that switch the images between a dog, cat and hamster. Barbie doll (doll not included) can also groom her patients with a spa tub for pets who need a bath. Add water for realistic fun or remove for a unique story!

Accessories Inspire Imaginations!
?So many fun accessories inspire storytelling fun. There's a computer monitor, a pet bed and a towel. A hamster wheel that really spins will make imaginations spin, too! Feeding bowls and a bone, grooming supplies (like a brush and bottles), and doctor tools (like a stethoscope and computer) help move stories throughout the play set and beyond!

?Go Anywhere and Be Anything with Barbie!
?Kids will love exploring the world of pet care and animal adventure with the Barbie Pet Care Center play set. It's ready to help animal lovers nurture their imaginations and dreams. Collect other Barbie dolls and accessories to expand the possibilities for play because you can be anything with Barbie!?

Barbie Pet Care Center Playset:

  • Barbie doll (sold separately) loves animals and when they need care, this pet care center is the perfect spot to take them
  • There are four pet patients ready to see the doctor -- a puppy, a cat, a kitten and a hamster
  • The colorful play set opens to reveal four distinct play spaces with fun features, realistic backdrops and cool accessories. Fold it up with everything inside for easy storage; a pink dog-shaped carrying handle makes it portable
  • An exam station has fun accessories for patient care, like a spinning mobile, bouncy bed and hamster wheel (that really spins!)
  • Another section features an x-ray display -- just move the tab to see "inside" the patient (three different screens show a puppy, kitten or hamster)

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