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Just place the tiny Sleep Sensor in one corner of the bed under the mattress cover, and sleep.

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hugOne Sleep Tracking System

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Sleep Better, Do Better
Sleep is key for a healthy life, along with diet and exercise. When we sleep poorly, other aspects of our health decline as well. Sleep is important not only for adults, it is also an essential building block of our children's health, well-being, and academic success. School-aged children who receive C-D-F grades report sleeping about 30 minutes less on school nights than children who receive A-B grades.

Keep it Simple - Just Sleep.
Just place the tiny Sleep Sensor in one corner of the bed under the mattress cover, and sleep. You don't need to wear any electronics to bed, or synchronize or recharge anything for it to work. Recommended for kids aged 3+.

Better Air Quality for a Healthier Home
hugOne monitors indoor air quality through its advanced Volatile Organic Compound sensor, while the sleep sensors monitor temperature and humidity in every bedroom. hugOne helps you maintain the perfect home environment, and will notify you if your air quality needs attention.

Automatic Control of your Home Temperature and Lights
hugOne works with Alexa and Amazon Echo, and controls your connected thermostat and smart light bulbs. It automatically adjusts your home to your preferred nighttime temperature when it senses that everyone is in bed, and returns to your preferred daytime temperature as soon as everyone is awake. Smart light bulb control lets you fall asleep naturally with sunset light and wake up refreshed with sunrise light.

Get Personalized Advice to Improve Your Sleep
hugOne learns your sleep habits, so you can enjoy increasingly customized recommendations to sleep better. Track the improvement of your sleep score.

Sevenhugs hugOne Sleep Tracking System + 2 Sleep Sensors:

  • hugOne by Sevenhugs helps your family sleep better. Its tiny sensors track your entire family’s sleep, and the hugOne app provides personalized advice daily.
  • Works with Alexa and Amazon Echo - hugOne monitors temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality for a healthier home.
  • The smart alarm clock learns your sleep cycle and wakes you at the best moment. Connect hugOne to your smart bulbs to help you fall asleep naturally, and wake up with light.
  • hugOne glows when it is bedtime, and electronic transmissions are shut off at night for a healthier sleep.
  • Wake rested, improve your health and mood, and enjoy the best possible sleep to support performance in school and at work.

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