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Open and close your garage door from anywhere with your Smartphone.

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Item Retail Price: $99.99
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Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

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Open and close your garage door from anywhere with your Smartphone. Receive alerts when the garage door opens and closes. With Chamberlain's MyQ Smart Garage Hub, your Smartphone, Wi-Fi and any compatible garage door opener, you are connected and in control.

Know when someone comes and goes in real-time
When paired with your MyQ app and home wifi-network, Smart Garage Hub sends you notifications if someone open or closes your garage door or if your door has been left open for a specific period of time. Experience peace of mind that comes with knowing your garage and the main access point to your family and home are safe and secure.

Open and Close your Garage with Just One Tap
No matter where you are, you can check to see if your garage door is open or closed and then control it from anywhere. Adding Smart Garage Hub to your existing opener enables you to let in family members, service provides, dog walkers, or housekeepers. Accessing your garage and home even when you’re not home couldn’t be easier.

Enhanced Security & Protection
With so many connected devices – protecting your data is more important than ever. Chamberlain’s unmatched Security+2.0 100 Billion code encryption and optional fingerprint and passcode security features protect against RF hacking to make sure intruders stay out and your data, family, and possessions stay secured.

Schedule your garage door to close
Add a whole new level of safety, security, and convenience to your day-to-day routine.

Enjoy peace of mind. Never worry that you left your garage door open again – set a time for it to close every day.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub:

  • Easily add smartphone control to your existing garage door opener so you can open and close your garage door from anywhere
  • Set up customized notification and alerts so you know when you garage door opens or closes in real time – great for busy families who come and go from the house through the garage
  • Core features such as opening, closing, and receiving garage door status notifications are INCLUDED with MyQ app.
  • Compatible with most brands of garage door Openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors.
  • Linking your MyQ account to Google Assistant and IFTTT requires a $1 monthly or $10 annual subscription fee..Easy to install in the garage (2.4 Gigahertz Wi-Fi signal required)

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» Contiguous US: $9.50
AK, HI, PR: $15.20
Canada: $28.49
(shipping not available to Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut)

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