Auction ID: 537917 1 oz $2 Banknote Copper Bar +10 Bids

Each $2 Banknote copper bar is an exquisite example of master craftsmanship. PLUS, 10 Bids! Load up on bids and get in the game.

Retails For: $12.99
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Bidder: bluetazman


Savings: $11.98
Item Retail Price: $2.99
Bid Pack Price: $10.00
Last Bid: $1.01
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1 oz $2 Banknote Copper Bar

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Each $2 Banknote copper bar is an exquisite example of master craftsmanship. From the intricate rendering of George Washington’s portrait to the iconic details of the US treasury seal, every feature of this historical currency has been meticulously engraved unto the bar in order to replicate the original. This keen attention to detail extends to the reverse side, which proudly displays a banner with our nation’s name just as the real 1899 certificate did.

In addition to its quality workmanship, our customers will also appreciate the historical significance of the original silver banknote, which marks the slow transition away from the established silver coinage of the 17th century. This commemorative copper bar is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the innovations in our American currency system.

1 oz $2 Banknote Copper Bar

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