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Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitoring.

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AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor

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Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
Maintaining ideal humidity levels for your rooms has significant skin, allergen and other health benefits by preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites, and other asthma-inducing agents in your home.

The AcuRite Digital Temperature and Humidity Monitor allows you to quickly and easily check comfort conditions with professional-level humidity and temperature sensors. The home comfort icon conveys whether humidity levels are too low, too high, or ideal based on Relative Humidity (RH) readings so you can adjust room humidity levels to protect your possessions and improve room comfort.

It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Simple Humidity Level Indicator
Check indoor comfort and humidity conditions at a glance with the humidity level icon. It easily indicates high, low, or ideal indoor conditions.

High and Low Records
The digital thermometer-hygrometer displays the high and low temperature and humidity readings measured over the past 24-36 hours.

Multiple Mounting Options
The monitor features a fold-out stand, clip, and magnetic backing for mounting options, providing the best thermometer and hygrometer readings for any room.

AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor:

  • Measures indoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity
  • Humidity level icon indicates high, low, or ideal indoor conditions
  • Daily high and low temperature and humidity records
  • Totally wireless tabletop and magnet-mountable design
  • Powered by one (1) AA battery (not included)

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