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Enjoy silky-smooth results with the Panasonic ES2207P ladies 3-blade shaver.

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Panasonic Ladies Shaver

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Enjoy silky-smooth results with the Panasonic ES2207P ladies 3-blade shaver. Featuring wet/dry womens electric razor operation, you can shave dry when pressed for time or enjoy a more luxurious shave and trim with your favorite foam or gel in the tub or shower. Hypoallergenic womens razor blades keep sensitive skin safe and comfortable while a pop-up trimmer lets you quickly trim longer hairs or along the bikini line.

And, the three blade system of the ES2207 razor for women floats to follow and stay in contact with the individual contours of your body, so you will get a close, comfortable shave that captures even short or stray hairs.

Versatile Wet Dry Shaver Operation
The Panasonic electric ladies shaver is fully immersible for shaving legs and underarms and bikini trimming in the bath with lather or for a quick dry shave or bikini hair removal anytime, anywhere.

Three Floating Head System
Three independently floating heads for clean, smooth shaving and trimming. This ladies electric shaver is designed to glide naturally along the body's individual contours for smooth results on legs, underarms and bikini lines.

Convenient Pop-up Trimmer
For the perfect finish, this electric personal shaver for women includes a handy pop-up trimmer for using as a bikini trimmer to create a clean bikini line and quickly remove unwanted long or stray hairs anywhere you find them.

Hypo-allergenic Womans Razor Blades and Foil
Sharp, durable, hypoallergenic electric razor blades and flexible, protective foil covers are designed especially to prevent irritation, even on sensitive skin. So, legs and body are smooth and irritation-free.

Compact, Space-saving Shaver Charger
The Panasonic es2207p ladies 3-blade shaver includes a convenient AC charger that saves valuable bathroom counter space by plugging directly into an electrical outlet while using the shaver to shave and trim. A cleaning brush and travel pouch are also included to complete your personal shaver kit.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver:

  • Panasonic women's electric razor uses three independently floating heads to glide smoothly along contours of the skin to comfortably shave legs, underarms and other body areas.
  • Convenient wet/dry - shaver, use in shower or bath with soap lather, foam or gel or use dry anytime, anywhere it's convenient.
  • Super-sharp, hypo-allergenic inner lady shaver blades safely reduce irritation on sensitive skin for maximum comfort.
  • Womens shaver closely and safely trims bikini area and removes unwanted longer stray hairs with pop-up trimmer.
  • Panasonic womans electric shaver has a waterproof design and quickly rinses clean under running water.

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