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This product is for you if you want smooth feet from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

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PediSand Hands Free Foot File

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Remove that nasty dead, dry, cracked or callused skin from your feet - hands free. Watch the PediSand in action while sitting in your favorite armchair. With the PediSand, you can achieve a salon-perfect pedi from the comfort of your own home. PediSand is a patented, hands free Pedi-tool technology. It’s easy to use. Simply slide one foot into the PediSand, to keep in place, then buff away with your other foot. Watch the dead skin effortlessly release from your foot. The large abrasive surface area allows you to get beach-ready feet fast. The PediSand ‘hands free’ design means that you won’t get the wrist, hand or back pain that you may experience when using a traditional foot file. No more leaning over to scrub those hard to reach spots on your heels or on the balls of your feet. The large, curved abrasive surface contours the entire sole and sides of the feet helping eliminate rough skin everywhere. For the best results, and Runway-ready feet; wash feet in bath or shower first to soften skin. The PediSand can be used wet or dry. Our hands free design means that you can sit up comfortably, breathing normally, without putting strain on your hands or wrists. Perfect for everyone. It is ideal for individuals who find it challenging to reach their feet. The PediSand is built to last. Made from a strong, durable and washable ABS plastic, the PediSand can be used again and again; it’s virtually unbreakable. The abrasive sheets last five times longer than traditional foot files. Abrasive sheets can easily be replaced with a simple peel and stick process. Just peel off your old sheet and stick a new one on in its place. The replacement sheets are ready-to-use. We apply a special adhesive, designed to stay firmly stuck,yet easy to peel for replacement when needed. Our adhesive holds strong even under vigorous scrubbing or wet environments. No muss no fuss. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED

PediSand Hands Free Foot File, Personal Pedicure:

  • A PEDICURE FOR MOMS ON THE GO. Give yourself Salon smooth feet in the comfort of your home
  • NO BENDING! Hands Free Operation - Sit in a chair, your legs and feet do all the work
  • MEDICAL GRADE PLASTIC. Abrasive surface lasts five times longer than many traditional foot files. Simply order new abrasive sheets and easily replace and your PediSand will work like new!
  • FITS MOST FEET. Large foot area allows for larger foot sizes and complete foot exposure when used correctly.

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