Auction ID: 539000 OK to Wake! Children's Clock

Adorable color-changing night-light teaches children to stay in bed longer so families get more sleep!

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OK to Wake! Children's Clock

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Helps Families Get Better Sleep!
At bedtime, a soothing yellow night-light comforts children as they fall asleep. In the morning, it glows green when it's OK for children to get out of bed! If children wake up before the green light comes on, they know to go back to sleep or quietly play in their room until 'green means go'!

Why does it work? Well, children enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a job well done. And, Ok to Wake! is something that can be completed successfully every day!

The clock also features a convenient nap timer and alarm clock with snooze!

Hidden parental controls!
Easy for parents to set the times for night-light, green light, brightness and more!

Fun and easy to use!
Kid-friendly toe buttons are easy to reach and fun to press for lights or animations.

Everybody gets better sleep!
Children know not to wake mommy and daddy until 'green means go!'

OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock & Night-Light:

  • Adorable color-changing night-light teaches children to stay in bed longer so families get more sleep!
  • OK to Wake! night-light is a soft yellow in the evening, and turns green in the morning (parent programmable) so children know when it's OK to get out of bed! Parents can also adjust the brightness.
  • Nap timer allows for napping without disrupting the night-light and morning programmed times!
  • Also features auto off for night-light and OK to Wake! Light, as well as fun "toe" buttons that children can press to see funny animated faces on the display!
  • Includes USB cord (you need your own wall adapter), instruction manual, 2 interchangeable face plates.

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